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4 Surprising Benefits of Straight Teeth New York, NY
Clear Aligners New York, NY

When it comes to a pretty smile, there is no doubt that Americans value straight teeth. Teeth that are balanced and well-aligned can certainly create a more attractive smile. This leads many adults each year to seek orthodontic treatment. However, there’s more to gain when it comes to straightening your smile. Your orthodontic treatment can provide benefits not only towards your appearance but towards your oral health and whole body health.

While there are different types and methods of orthodontic treatment, the overall goal remains the same – to move the teeth into proper alignment and create a more balanced bite. Depending on your specific needs, this may include closing tooth gaps, moving crooked teeth or adjusting an overbite or under bite. Regardless, you can expect to gain a significant return on your smile straightening investment.

Beyond an attractive and more confident smile, straight teeth offer the following notable benefits:

Better Digestion. Your teeth begin the digestion process. When they are aligned properly, they can break down food better and alleviate extra work on the stomach and intestines.

Improved Speech. Our teeth are designed to be in a certain position to help us pronounce certain words and syllables. Straighter teeth often mean clearer speech.

Healthier Smile. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. When you can reach all surfaces of your teeth with your toothbrush and floss, you can lower your risk for decay, gum disease and other dental health complications.

More Comfortable Bite. Even a slight imbalance within your bite (or malocclusion) can put excessive strain on your jaw joint, or TMJ. This can lead to jaw pain, headaches and neck pain. Orthodontics is often an effective way to relieve disruptive TMJ symptoms.

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Are you on board with the benefits of straight teeth but can’t come to terms with wearing metal braces as an adult? You don’t have to! Village Dental is proud to offer some of the most preferred treatments in modern orthodontics. With solutions like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles, you’ll gain straighter teeth with minimal sacrifice to your comfort, time and appearance. Schedule your consult with us in New York today!

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