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Ways to Maintain and Improve Your Oral Health from Home New York, NY
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Professional dental cleanings and checkups are critical for strong oral health. However, these preventative dental visits only happen twice a year, which means that the vast majority of your dental care efforts are left up to you. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily are considered the two most important steps patients can take to keep their teeth and gums healthy all year long. But there’s more to it than that. There are habits you engage in at home that can make or break your dental care routine.

Since New Yorkers are clocking in more hours at home, it is the perfect time to learn about ways you can boost your smile health without visiting the dentist. Consider these mindful tips to ensure your mouth stays in top condition and you can avoid the need for emergency dental treatment.

#1 Keep Brushing
Your daily routine is likely off balance. You may not be waking up and getting dressed for work like normal. However, as you “do life” from home, don’t let your dental hygiene routine fall by the wayside. While your co-workers can’t smell your breath through the computer, it doesn’t give you a free pass to skip brushing your teeth. Without daily cleaning, plaque builds up and hardens, which puts you at high risk for decay and gum disease.

#2 Mind Your Snacking Habits
You may have noticed that your eating habits have changed since sheltering in place. The kitchen has never been so convenient, which may mean you are snacking much more throughout your day. However, your waistline may not be the only thing to suffer if you choose your snacks poorly. Do your best to avoid sugary foods as well as those that have large amounts of refined carbs. Sugars that cling to your teeth are more likely to feed bacteria and turn into plaque. Go for fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible, and try to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water throughout the day.

#3 Increase Your Water Intake
Your entire body needs water, even your teeth! Hydrating with water during the day not only helps to rinse away food particles and bacteria, but it also stimulates saliva production. Avoiding dry mouth can mean avoiding bad breath, decay and other dental problems. Plus, choosing water can reduce your intake of other beverages that can harm your teeth, such as sodas, energy drinks and acidic fruit juices.

Know When to Call Village Dental in New York

At Village Dental, we will never stop caring for our patients, even if that means teaching them about ways they can improve their oral health without coming into the office. However, if you experience sudden dental pain or tooth trauma, we want to see you. Our practice is offering emergency dental care in New York.

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