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Composite Fillings New York, NY

Composite Fillings

For decades in cosmetic dentistry, tooth colored fillings have been used in anterior teeth. It is only within recent years that improvements in dental filling materials have reached the level of strength and durability that composite fillings can now be used in molars. No longer do your back teeth have to have silver amalgam fillings when cavities need to be addressed.

Molars endure tons of pressure on a regular basis. Composite fillings did not stand up well to the stress of molars. For that reason, silver amalgam fillings have been the standard for over a hundred years. In the past, composite fillings had other difficulties as well. After being placed and polished, they still had a rough texture compared to the natural tooth. They would stain easily as well. However, even with their limitations, they were the best filling material for anterior teeth.

Advancements in dental materials over the years have resulted in composite resins that are stronger, more durable and feel like the natural tooth. In fact, today’s composite fillings are difficult to distinguish from the natural tooth. They are now replacing silver fillings so your smile can be bright and white throughout your mouth.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resins are a mixture of plastic and glass or ceramic. There are many different types of composite resins used in cosmetic dentistry. Many of them require the use of a special blue light to activate a reaction in the resin so it hardens properly. In these types of fillings, a layer of composite is put in the space to be filled, and the light is used to harden it. Each layer is hardened before adding the next. These types of fillings are very durable and have the strength of silver amalgam fillings.

Your tooth color can be matched exactly with composite resins. Once the filling is trimmed and polished, it is nearly impossible to see or feel where your natural tooth ends and the filling begins. Your smile looks totally natural, thanks to composite resins.

Are you considering replacing your silver fillings with tooth colored fillings? Make an appointment with Village Dental NYC, and let us discuss how we can enhance your smile using composite resin.