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Dental Bonding New York, NY

Teeth Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the amazing procedures available to enhance the appearance of a tooth without major prep work. It is a very popular form of cosmetic dentistry and has a variety of uses. Bonding is used to repair cracks and chips in teeth. It can also be used to alter the shape or color of a tooth.

The bonding material used to create the changes in a tooth is colored to match the existing tooth. You may have noticed that all your natural teeth are not just white. There are shades, even on a single tooth. Our experienced dentist is able to match colors accurately with the tooth and bonding material. You cannot distinguish between the two when the procedure is completed.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Chipped and broken teeth can make you self-conscious when smiling. You may have small gaps between your teeth that you would rather not have. Some teeth get worn down and appear shorter. A badly discolored tooth that does not respond to whitening agents may stand out as dull and dingy looking. There are several scenarios where dental bonding can make a big difference.

Bonding is used to make repairs to teeth, such as in the case of a chipped or a broken tooth. It can also be used to correct flaws. When composite bonding is added to close tiny gaps between teeth, not only do your teeth look better, food no longer becomes trapped between the teeth. Worn down teeth can be restored to their former look with bonding. Badly discolored teeth can be made to look clean and bright again without putting a crown on the tooth.

If your smile is not what you want it to be and you think dental bonding would help, contact our office today. Schedule an exam and consultation appointment with Village Dental NYC. We will make an assessment of your dental situation and discuss your options with you. You can have the beautiful smile you have always wanted.