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Dental Crowns New York, NY

Dental Crowns

A tooth that has a very large filling, or one that has been damaged, is protected by a dental crown. A tooth that has had a root canal procedure is also better protected by a crown. These devices are also known as “caps.” They fit over the entire surface area of a tooth at and above the gum line.

A dental crown is a general dental treatment that is used to add stability, structure and strength to a weakened tooth. When a large filling is necessary, the remainder of the tooth becomes vulnerable to breakage. Root canal therapy removes the nerve of the tooth and the nourishment that keeps it alive. The tooth then becomes brittle and is more apt to break under the right circumstances. In these situations, a crown restores the look of the affected tooth but also the strength and stability while protecting it.

Restore Cracked or Damaged Teeth

Depending on the extent of the crack or damage to the tooth, it may easily be restored by placing a crown on it. Sometimes, if the damage extends into the nerve of the tooth, root canal therapy may be used to save the tooth from extraction. A crown will be placed on the tooth for protection as well as restoration of aesthetics.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

In some situations, when a large filling is required, an entire crown is not necessary. A dental inlay or onlay may resolve the problem. Sometimes these are called partial crowns. The area is prepped, and the inlay or onlay is created. Usually they are made from porcelain and gold, sometimes only gold alloy, and the piece is seated in the prepped area.

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