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Patients with Dental Phobia

One of the most common phobias or fears is going to the dentist. Whether you have an actual dental phobia or just feel uncomfortable at the dentist, our compassionate team at Village Dental NYC can help. We provide a relaxed, calm atmosphere and a gentle chair-side manner to so all our patients feel at ease, even those with dental phobia.

Most people would prefer to avoid going to the dentist, but for some, it is a very stressful event. Whether you had a bad experience or a dental fear you cannot explain, there are options to help make your visits more comfortable. At Village Dental NYC, we start by listening to your concerns. We want to make sure we find the right solution to help make your visits as stress-free as possible. This begins with understanding how best to help you feel comfortable, and we will give you options to make your visits easier.

Relaxing, Compassionate Dental Care

For some people with a fear of the dentist, sedation is the best option. Relaxing your mind and body before we begin your dental treatment can help ease your fears and make your visits relaxing. We encourage our patients to talk to our dentist about their worries. There are a few different sedation options available that can help you relax when you come in for your visits. Depending on the level of sedation, you may need a friend or family member to accompany you to ensure you get safe transportation home after your visits.

Do not let dental phobia stop you from having a healthy, gorgeous smile. Contact our team at Village Dental NYC, and ask about our specialized care for those with dental anxiety. We welcome new patients and strive to make certain everyone has a positive experience when they come to us for their dental care.