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Traditional dentures are a convenient and cost effective restorative dental treatment to replace missing teeth. Dentures are available in full sets to replace a complete arch. If you still have some teeth in the arch, partial dentures can go in the place of the missing teeth. Both full and partial dentures provide you with a way to maintain your smile and oral health.

Dental implants and bridges are also options for replacing missing teeth. However, for situations where those options are not viable, removable dentures are a standard alternative. At Village Dental NYC, our dentist has the training to create dentures that fit well and look beautiful. You can restore your missing teeth with a beautifully crafted denture that makes your smile look real and natural.

Partial Dentures

When teeth are missing in different areas throughout an arch, replacing them can be accomplished with dental implants or bridge work. Another convenient option is the partial denture. Unlike a full denture, the partial clamps onto existing teeth for stability. It is made with the same eye toward aesthetics and care for comfort as the full denture. When dental bridgework or implants are not the best option for replacing missing teeth, the partial denture is a good alternative.

Missing teeth should be replaced in order to maintain your best oral health. Whether you need all of your teeth replaced or just a few, let our experienced dentist at Village Dental NYC help determine your best options. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and consultation.