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Emergency Dentistry New York, NY

Emergency Dentistry

Some dental emergencies can catch you off guard, while others may be the result of hoping a bad situation will not get any worse. Whether it is trauma from a sporting accident, a fall or a badly neglected cavity causing pain, we can help with your dental emergency at Village Dental NYC.

The average hospital is not prepared or equipped to handle cases related to dental problems. Most hospitals do not have dentists on call for dental emergencies. The standard procedure is to address the immediate concerns as well as possible and advise the patient to see a dentist at their earliest convenience.

While a hospital may be able to help with the pain aspect, little else is usually done to address the problem. When you have a dental emergency, avoid the extra step of going to a hospital, and seek emergency care at Village Dental NYC. We have the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to fully address your dental issue.

Urgent Dental Care

Situations that need to be addressed immediately are those which involve trauma to a tooth or teeth, severe toothache pain and sometimes a broken dental prosthetic, such as a broken denture. When you experience a dental emergency, stress and anxiety increase. At Village Dental NYC, we provide the atmosphere that leads to a reduction in your anxiety, and our skilled dentist applies the expertise required to resolve the problem and alleviate the discomfort.

When you have a serious dental emergency that requires immediate attention, contact Village Dental NYC right away. We will see you as soon as possible. When you call, let us know the nature of your emergency so we can assess the situation and provide instructions to follow until you can be seen by our dentist. Your oral health and comfort are always top priorities at Village Dental NYC. Do not hesitate to call when you need dental care right away.