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Implant Restorations New York, NY

Dental Implant Restorations

Like natural teeth, dental implants need maintenance and care. While implants are designed to last for decades, they are also susceptible to damage, just like natural teeth. Our team at Village Dental NYC has extensive experience in caring for dental implants, including restorations and repairs. If you have a cracked, loose or damaged dental implant, call us for an emergency dental appointment. We will ensure your implant is restored as quickly as possible.

Routine checkups are the best way to keep your dental implants in good condition. Unlike natural teeth, a dental implant may not cause pain when it is cracked or damaged. Annual exams can ensure any issues are identified early and fixed to protect the prosthetic tooth. If needed, Village Dental NYC can provide a complete dental implant restoration or other restorative dentistry repairs can be completed at our office. It does not matter whether your dental implant was done by us or another dentist; we will be happy to repair any dental implant for our patients.

Implant Repairs

The most common problem that can occur with a dental implant is a cracked or loose crown. Biting down on a hard object or impact to the teeth can cause damage to the crown or abutment. If a crown needs replacement, we can temporarily fix the implant and order a new crown from our quality dental lab. The new crown can be fitted and secured when it arrives from the dental lab, restoring a beautiful new tooth. Our experienced dentist will ensure your repaired dental implant blends naturally with your smile for the best results.

When you need quality dental care in NYC, including repairs or restoration for a dental implant, come see us at Village Dental NYC. We offer same day and emergency dental appointments when you need a tooth or implant fixed immediately. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We welcome new patients and have many financial options available to fit your budget.