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Invisalign New York, NY

Invisalign Aligner

Imagine straightening your teeth without anyone noticing. You can do that with Invisalign aligners. This orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth uses clear plastic trays called aligners to move teeth into the desired position. These trays are molded to fit your teeth and apply the gentle forces needed to move them.

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Every two weeks you receive another set of aligners to wear. The clear aligners are practically invisible when you are wearing them, so no one will notice that you have them on. Wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day. At the end of the treatment period, your teeth will be in the perfect position.

Invisalign aligners make straightening teeth easy. Another advantage of this system is the fact that you do not need to make dietary adjustments. You can continue to eat all the foods you love. Take out your aligners when you eat, and put them in when you finish. It is the same with brushing and flossing. Remove your aligners, rinse them well and pop them back in when you are done.

Invisalign Teen

Teens love Invisalign Teen. The teen years are not a time when you want to have restrictions because you are wearing braces. Invisalign Teen gives your teenager the opportunity to enjoy meals and snacks with friends without worrying about what foods are not allowed. The clear aligners make straightening teeth almost invisible. Teens like the fact that they do not need a mouth full of metal brackets and braces to get their teeth in alignment.

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