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Patients with Disabilities New York, NY

Patients with Disabilities

Healthy teeth and gums are a vital component of overall wellness. Everyone should receive the dental care they need to maintain a healthy, functional smile. For those with physical or mental challenges, oral care can be difficult. At Village Dental NYC, we offer special dental care for our patients with disabilities to ensure they get the oral treatments they need for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Oral health is critical for a healthy body and proper oral function. Decayed teeth or infected gums can impact overall health, speech, appearance and chewing. Routine dental care can help maintain oral health, but it can be more challenging for those with certain disabilities. Our team at Village Dental NYC understands that each of our patients has unique needs. We strive to provide dental care that will overcome these challenges. If there is anything that we can do to make your dental visits easier for you or a family member, let us know. We will make any accommodations we can to help ensure every patient feels comfortable during their visits.

Compassionate Dental Care Options

Our dental team offers a patient-centered approach to dental care. That includes creating specialized treatment plans for our patients with physical or mental challenges. We work with patients and their families to find the best options to help those with disabilities feel comfortable when they come to our office. This can include providing a treatment area with easy access or offering sedation options. Each patient is unique. We want all of our patients to receive the personalized care they need to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

At Village Dental NYC, we always welcome new patients and do our best to ensure every patient gets the quality dental care they deserve. If you or a family member has a disability that interferes with dental care or makes it difficult, schedule an appointment and let us help you find a solution. We are happy to offer personalized dental care for our patients at our office in NYC.