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Prosthodontist Near Soho New York, NY

Prosthodontist Near Soho

Do you care about the health and aesthetics of your smile? If you live in Soho and want quality dental care, consider choosing a prosthodontist versus a general dentist. Dr. Lydia Legg at Village Dental NYC is an experienced prosthodontist. She can provide exceptional care for your oral health while ensuring you have a beautiful smile.

Prosthodontist Versus a Dentist

Prosthodontists are dentists, but have received additional training and education. After dental school, a prosthodontist spends a few more years studying advanced techniques for tooth restoration, replacements and cosmetic enhancements. While they can still perform general dentistry, their skills and expertise in creating a stunning smile with dental implants and cosmetic enhancements is their specialty. By choosing a prosthodontist for your oral care, you have a dentist that has more training and expertise to perform intricate procedures when needed.

At Village Dental NYC, we offer a wide variety of dentistry services for our patients. Oral health is always our top priority. Our practice offers a comprehensive list of dental services for general dental care. In addition, we specialize in creating gorgeous smiles for our patients. This includes the latest options in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, All-on-4 dentures and much more. We can care for all your dental needs at one place, with the expertise of a prosthodontist to ensure you get the highest quality care.

Having a healthy, attractive smile is a valuable asset. Our team at Village Dental NYC can help you achieve your best smile using the latest dental technology and methods. If you have been looking for a quality dentist or prosthodontist in the Soho area, contact us at Village Dental NYC. We welcome new patients and accept many types of dental insurance for your convenience. Call us, or visit us online, and schedule your first exam to begin experiencing excellence in dental care.