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Root Canal Therapy New York, NY

Root Canal Therapy

There is no question about the importance of keeping all your natural teeth for as long as possible with general dental care. Your permanent teeth were designed to last a lifetime. As strong and durable as teeth are, not every person gets to old age with every natural tooth intact. At Village Dental NYC, we believe in keeping your natural teeth over having an extraction done whenever possible.

A badly infected tooth may need to be extracted under certain circumstances. However, root canal therapy may be able to save it if the right conditions exist. Simply put, root canal therapy is the process of removing the nerve of the tooth while leaving the healthy part of the tooth intact.

There are three layers to a tooth: the enamel (which is the hard outer layer), the dentin (which is softer) and the pulp (where the nerve of the tooth resides). Decay begins on the outside of the tooth, and left unchecked, will dissolve the enamel and eat through the dentin. Sometimes a tooth may feel sensitive to hot or cold food and beverages when the decay has attacked the dentin.

When the decay is not removed from the dentin, it continues until it attacks the pulp. At this point, most people feel discomfort or pain. There can be excruciating pain when the pulp becomes involved. Infection may develop and cause an abscess to form at the apex of the tooth root. The body’s immune system fights with the bacteria, which creates toxins. These toxins can dissolve the bone around the tooth. In severe cases, the infection can move into the bloodstream.

Root Canals Offers Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

The pain and discomfort caused by an infected tooth can be extreme. Root canal therapy can alleviate the pain. The first step is to get the infection and swelling under control. Antibiotics may be prescribed in order to do this.

Special instruments are used to remove the dead nerve from the tooth and clean out the infection. When the nerve has been removed and the infection is brought under control, you should feel relief from the pain and discomfort. After the area has been sufficiently cleaned and sterilized, the root canal is filled with a special material to prevent bacteria from entering. The tooth is then filled. Usually, a dental crown is advised to protect the tooth and give it strength.

An infected tooth can cause a great deal of pain, and it can interfere with your day-to-day activities. Contact Village Dental NYC today to make an appointment. We will take care of your infection, and if possible, save your tooth with root canal therapy.