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Six Month Smiles New York, NY

Six Month Smiles

Say goodbye to traditional metal braces and the years it takes to straighten teeth using that method. Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment that can move your teeth into position in as little as six months, and more discreetly. This is a clear braces system designed to move teeth quickly into the desired position. The clear braces used in Six Month Smiles are less invasive and work faster than traditional braces.

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Clear braces and tooth colored wires make the Six Month Smiles system of moving teeth less noticeable than traditional metal braces. This system is designed to be used by people sixteen years of age and older. With the technology used with this system, we can show you the end result before you get your braces on. It is nice to actually see the goals you are working toward.

Straight Teeth in Six Months

The Six Month Smiles system of treating misalignment moves teeth quickly through the bone into the predetermined space. Traditional braces can take as long as two years to do the same thing. Six Month Smiles is also a more discreet way to move your teeth. The clear braces and tooth colored wires blend in with your natural tooth color, so they are not noticeable.

Six Month Smiles is a convenient way to straighten teeth in a short amount of time. You will see progress in as little as two weeks. Your clear braces will need adjusting a few times during treatment as the teeth move. It is common for there to be anywhere from three to seven adjustments made during this time.

If you have misaligned teeth, it is advisable to have them straightened for oral health reasons as well as aesthetics. With proper oral hygiene, straight teeth are less susceptible to decay and gum disease. They also give you a beautiful smile. It is time to reconsider living with crooked teeth. If you never had your teeth straightened because you did not like the idea of metal braces, you now have other options to consider.

After a thorough examination of your teeth, we will make a recommendation regarding the best way to straighten your teeth. Contact Village Dental NYC today to schedule an exam and consultation regarding your teeth. You could have a beautiful, straight smile within as little as six months.