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Special Needs Patients New York, NY

Special Needs Dentistry

At Village Dental NYC, we care about all of our patients and want to give everyone the opportunity to have a healthy, beautiful smile. Some people have a harder time getting the dental care they need than others. This is why we provide special needs dentistry at our clinic. If you have dental phobia or a family member with medical issues that make dental care difficult, we offer a safe, comfortable environment. Our team will ensure that everyone in your family gets the oral care they need.

Dental care is vital for overall health, but it can feel intrusive for some people. We have many patients who find dental care uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, and we work with them to find solutions. Some of our patients require extra sedation, even for routine dental work, to help them relax while we care for their smile. Our team is willing to find the best options to help every patient get the oral care they need and minimize any discomfort when they come to our office.

Compassionate Dental Care Solutions

Most people have special needs in some aspect of their life. If going to the dentist is hard for you or a family member, our team at Village Dental NYC will find a solution to make it easier. We have various sedation options to make our patients feel more comfortable during their visits. Our team also uses other techniques that help our patients with special dental care needs. Some of the types of special dental care issues we handle include:

Do not let fear of the dentist or other issues keep you from maintaining a healthy smile. Contact Village Dental NYC today to learn more about our special needs dentistry options.