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Wisdom Teeth Removal New York, NY

Wisdom Teeth Removal

When a person reaches their late teens or early twenties, he or she may begin to experience the discomfort of the eruption of the third molars, or wisdom teeth as they are usually called. These are the last molars located at the very back of the upper and lower jaws. Wisdom teeth are known for causing problems as they begin the process of eruption. In most cases, they are automatically removed. On rare occasions, an individual may not have problems, and the third molars will come in fine.

In the past, the third molars may have received the nickname “wisdom teeth” because they do not erupt until early adulthood. This was the time when people were thought to have accrued wisdom. These molars are notorious for presenting a variety of problems as they develop and begin to erupt.

Wisdom teeth are known to come in sideways. They push against the adjacent teeth, or may erupt partially, leaving a portion of the tooth exposed while the remainder is covered with a flap of gum tissue. All these scenarios can cause discomfort or pain and are reasons why wisdom teeth are regularly extracted.

Minimize Pain with Early Extraction

Regular visits to your dentist can help minimize the discomfort that wisdom teeth are known to cause. Your dentist can monitor the growth and development of your wisdom teeth at your annual checkup. If a problem is developing, extraction of those teeth can occur as soon as it is safe to do so. It is not recommended to remove the teeth before they are fully developed.

When they begin to reach maturity and move into position for eruption, your dentist can decide if they need to be removed. It is better to remove wisdom teeth during the late teens or early twenties. At this time of life, the bone is not as dense as it will be at a later stage in life, so extraction is easier and healing occurs faster.

Wisdom teeth can be problematic, but with regular monitoring of their development, you can avoid the pain and discomfort that abnormal eruption can cause. Contact Village Dental NYC today to schedule your dental exam.